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Coach Derek Inc Presents

Playa Vista Adult Coed Softball League

Schedules and Standings

2012 Fall Playa Vista League

Congratulations to
The Championship Team Tidal Wave!

coach derek co-ed softball

coach derek co-ed softball
The Championship Team Tidal Wave

coach derek co-ed softball
Runner Up Team Honey Badgers

coach derek co-ed softball
Good News Bears

2012 Playa Vista League Schedule: 4 Teams

1 - Playa Vista Honey Badgers    
2 - Tidal Wave
3 - Good News Bears
4 - Hoggs
Darren Sun
Tyson Smith
Stacy Lassman
Adam Feingold

**Schedule: The Team Listed First is the HOME TEAM

Week 1     October 14th
9:30am Good News Bears -v- Hoggs
10:30am Tidal Wave -v- PV Honey Badgers

Week 1  Results
Game 1     Hoggs 5 | Good News Bears 2
Game 2     Tidal Wave 16 | PV Honey Badgers 4
Week 2     October 21st
9:30am Hoggs -v- Tidal Wave
10:30am PV Honey Badgers -v- Good News Bears

Week 2  Results
Game 1     Tidal Wave 18 | Hoggs 9
Game 2     Good News Bears 12 | PV Honey Badgers 4
Week 3     October 28th
9:30am Hoggs -v- PV Honey Badgers
10:30am Tidal Wave -v- Good News Bears

Week 3  Results
Game 1     Both Hoggs and Honey Badgers forfeited due to not enough players
Game 2     Tidal Wave won by forfeit over Good News Bears
Week 4     November 4th
9:30am Tidal Wave -v- PV Honey Badgers
10:30am Good News Bears -v- Hoggs

Week 4  Results
Game 1     Tidal Wave Winner
Game 2     Good News Bears Winner
Week 5     November 11th
9:30am PV Honey Badgers -v- Good News Bears

Week 5  Results
                 Good News Bears 21 | PV Honey Badgers 20
Week 6     November 18th
9:30am Tidal Wave -v- Good News Bears
Week 7     November 25th
9:30am PV Honey Badgers -v- Tidal Wave


Week 8:      December 2nd
9:30am Honey Badgers -v- Good News Bears
10:45am Winner plays Tidal Wave for Championship

Playoffs will begin December 2nd

For the playoffs:
  • Team Seeds will be decided by the Best Record.
  • Top 3 teams will make the Playoffs
  • The team with the Best Record will have a bye into the Championship and will be the Home Team
  • The 2nd and 3rd Seed Game (Home team will be decided by a coin toss)

More Info

1st Game of the Regular Season: October 14th
Playoffs begin: December 2nd

League will consist of 8 games. The top 4 teams will be eligible for the playoff

Game times: All Games to be played on Sunday
9:30 am - 10:30am - 11:30am

Make ups will be played on the NEXT Saturday following the rainout
(If the field is available)

Game length: 1 hour or 7 innings (whichever comes first)
All games will be held at:
  • Playa Vista Sports Complex:
    Bluff Creek Drive,
    LA, CA 90045.
    Located between Westchester Ave. and Jefferson Blvd., on the Southeast corner of Lincoln Blvd. and Bluff Creek Drive, at the Sports Complex.
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For more information: Contact Derek Locklear via email at or call (310) 503-5731.